With two front lights and backlights, the LUMA ACTIVE provides different light modes. If the light mode “City Mode” is selected, the LED lamp reaches 4 meters, in “Country Mode” 8 meters and in “Off-road Mode” even up to 40 meters. The selection and position of the LEDs fulfills the requirements of active people. No matter if in close or long range, the wearer gets his desired sight by selecting the respective light mode. Also the visibility in the back is provided. The back lights can be used in continuous or flash mode. If the back lights destract in specific situations or it is required to save battery life, they can simply be turned off. The LEDs are fueled by a powerful 1,100mAh battery which can be charged by an integrated micro USB plug. The battery level is shown by an also integrated charge indicator. LUMA ACTIVE guarantees even in “Off-Road Mode” a battery life of at least 2.5 hours.


By selecting especially high quality fabrics, the LUMA ACTIVE is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities. The fabric ensures that your head stays well tempered no matter how exhausting your activities or how differing the temperatures are. The possibility to wick moisture away from your head supports this comfort. You stay dry, the fabric does not stick to your head and also your ears are in good hands with the LUMA ACTIVE. The shape of the LUMA ACTIVE reaches over your ears without losing the sportive touch of the product. The integrated UV protection makes an all day usage not only possible but also safe, also for sensitive skin. The used fabrics are tested for harmful substances according to standards of recognized institutions which adds another important fact to quality. The durable LED system is only barelynoticable on your head thanks to its well conceived shape. Thanks to the lightweight components, the LUMA ACTIVE is really comfortable to wear and you could almost forget that you’ve got it on your head.


LUMA ACTIVE combines high quality and breathable fabrics with a lightweight, powerful and durable LED system for all kinds of sportive outdoor activities. The ergonomic design and seamless integration of the light system offers a so far unknown wearing comfort and an especially easy and intuitive handling with only one hand. LUMA ACTIVE is characterized by a powerful LED lighting. The front lights are equipped with different light modes, which provide ideal sight in the close and long range. Backlights with different light programs guarantee additional safety.


Active people are a lot out and about and use the LUMA ACTIVE frequently.That’s good  and no problem thanks to the simple possibility of installing and removing the LED system. Simply take out the LED system from the easy to handle integration mechanism in the LUMA ACTIVE textile, and put it into another LUMA ACTIVE textile. LUMA ACTIVE fabrics are washable according to the information on the included label. Quickly the next activity can be started according to the motto: “Light up your way.”